Friday, 12 December 2008

The Magic of Art !

While on a visit to my Daughter in Turkey I sat sketching one day from mind I called it Dark secrets this was just because of my thoughts i was roaming through that day. The next day i was out and about looking for nothing really just relaxing rounds the shops when my teenage grandson spotted a silver pendant He commented on how much it was like my drawing I just had to buy it I will find it out and post a picture here for you to see .. It was so sureal I guess thats the magic of Art My Art !


  1. Fantastic Art Jo and love how they look on here.
    Dont forget to leave me a comment when you have your darkside entry posted then i can put it in my slideshow at blogger

    Also here is a friend of mine who has just started her digital art challenges so you will like that :) the link is on right side of my page or url is here

  2. Thank you June I'm just getting use to this Blogging lark so i will be asking for your help on links and things :-0