Monday, 29 December 2008

Snake Charmer

this is one i did for Junes Snake Art On The Darkside Challenges Challenge i enjoyed doing this one

Monday, 22 December 2008


I did this for Artarazzi 3rd challenge i created the background then useed a shape i cut out of the picture to makeshell then the rest just fell into place lol ...........i played around with light and dark ........

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black Hearts

This peice was done in gel pens I called it Black Hearts...

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And death not ends it all

I did this picture compleatly from scratch the only thing that i can not lay claim for is the picture of Jim although i did change it I have done this for Junes Challenge ...........Vampires

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Picture of you

This is all my own work the background is Gel pens on black card then i scaned it and put two of my sketches of JIM MORRISON I also added a photo of Ben Mills that i took at the last gig of The LA Doors .. the picture of you is the name of his first album .. we lost touch after he came 3rd on the Xfactor Leona Lewiss won Ray Quin came second and Ben came 3rd

Out Of The Blue

This is another design i did with gel pens on black card i called it out of the blue because thats where it came from !

bits and pieces

This is a sketch i did in pencil and mounted it on black card ...someone saw it on a site i posted it on so i send her a copy ... i was so pleased someone had took interest in my work


I created 6 ATC's and made then all join up to form a picture called Where the blue roses grow ..and gave it to my best friend June in return for a poem she did for me .. of the same name ..

there is a trail of blue roses that conect

Through The Eyes Of A child

I did this after seeing a challenge on Artarazzi I'm not sure how to enter it but hey i'm new to this blogger stuff and i'll learn " Through The Eyes Of A Child ...

Lets Swim to the moon

This is another picture i did and forgot about lets swim to the moon Jim masked .........I have just saved all my art work from my site Jim Morrison Dark Star as you know msn is closing all its site in Feb. 2009 i work long and hard on this site so had to rescue my art work and poems .....

Mask Of Mystery

This is a picture i did some time ago but have messed around with it for June's challenge of "Masks" i have called it the mask of mystery

Friday, 12 December 2008

Jim Morrison

As i sat on a fantasic beach in turkey watching the waves roll in and break on the sand I picked up my sketch pad and drew this picture .... I called it " Riders on the waves " !

The Magic of Art !

While on a visit to my Daughter in Turkey I sat sketching one day from mind I called it Dark secrets this was just because of my thoughts i was roaming through that day. The next day i was out and about looking for nothing really just relaxing rounds the shops when my teenage grandson spotted a silver pendant He commented on how much it was like my drawing I just had to buy it I will find it out and post a picture here for you to see .. It was so sureal I guess thats the magic of Art My Art !